Welcome to the new blog about books!

shut the fuck up babyhiddles

Greetings. How are you? I’m fine, thanks for asking. I’m Bettie Lee – not as in Mrs. or Ms. Lee, but Bettie Lee, as in my parents are from Oklahoma, and everyone has two names.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way… why are we all here? Because of books. I am obsessed with books. I write them. (No, not published, yet.) I read them. I buy too many. I scan Project Gutenberg looking for free ones. I keep lists of what I read and review them on Goodreads. I figured…. why not have a blog about it?

I’ve tried this before, with limited success. Meaning it lasted about a month and a half. I wanted a different kind of book blog and made myself a confusing and time encompassing format. This time, we’re going to be fun and fancy free. I have a Kindle. I have over 400 books on it, and considering I only read 108 books last year, 30 of which were physical books, I got lotsa reading to do. I also get books from my local library as ebooks. So. Books. Books. Books. Books.

There is no agenda here. I read widely, from classic literature…. and classics that aren’t so literary… like gothic trash and sensational novels. I also read urban fantasy, dystopian, apocalyptic (are they the same thing? Not always), regency romance, a little science fiction and your more traditional fantasy. I love fantasy. I love magic. I am obsessed with all things English. English literature is my favorite. Set it in England anytime between 1785 and 1910 and I’m down with it. In case you want more info on what I read, you can click the “About” or “Authors/Series I have Read” links up above the blog title.

Besides giving you book reviews, I figure I’ll celebrate my favorite authors birthdays. (Yesterday was Edgar Allen Poe’s. Happy Late Birthday, Mr. Poe.) I’ll also cover releases of new books in series that I follow. I am an enormous fan of Seanan McGuire’s Toby Daye Series (I want to read the InCrypted as well, but I’m trying not to buy more books!) as well as Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts. I am positively salivating for the next book in Alex Adams’ White Horse Trilogy. I also wait, with baited and irritated breath, for the last Wheel of Time book to be available in Kindle format. I’ll try and keep the little sidebar updated with what is coming up on the blog.

I’ve made the controversial decision not to review books I don’t like on this blog. First, it attracts crazies. Second, I want this to be fun, and writing up bad reviews in intricate detail pisses me off. I will continue to voice my displeasure on Goodreads. I try to be honest and forthright, not mean or vindictive. We all like and/or hate different things. If I can warn off those that hate the same things I do, I figure I’ve done my job. I don’t think writing a bad review is an unpardonable sin. But I don’t wish to spend a lot of time doing it.

If you would like to know even MOAR about me, there are links to my Goodreads and Twitter in the sidebar. I admit that I don’t autofollow, but if you @ me and say you came as a result of the blog, I will follaback! If you want to be my friend on Goodreads, I’d love it.

BettieLee Turner at Goodreads

What say you, friends? Care to go on an unexpected journey?


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