I am an unpublished author with a great love of books and a predilection for fantasy, fairies and anything English. During the day I work for a plumbing company. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a child. I read quickly, and being in my (very) early 40’s, I am sure I have read thousands of books. Many of them are lost to memory. As I’ve grown older, I’ve attempted to preserve knowledge of the books I’ve read, from keeping lists to keeping track of what I read on Goodreads and now, I keep a very detailed book journal. The impetus for this blog is merely an extension of that desire to keep track of what I’ve read, and perhaps to pass my opinions on to others.

What you can expect to see reviewed: I’m a hardcore Anglophile. I love British literature and settings, mainly classical: Jane Austen, Dickens, the Brontes…and the not-so-literary sensational novels, like Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Project Gutenberg has long been my friend. My favorite genre of the last year or so is gothic. There has been a surge in the genre, both of modern writers writing stories with a gothic spin, as well as new editions of old, out of print novels from the 19th century being reissued. Right in my wheelhouse! Gothic romance combines my love of classical setting and architecture. I also indulge in traditional Regency Romance, Dystopian or Apocalypse, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, traditional fantasy, and the occasional literary or science fiction novel. I also have a thing for true crime, like Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Bordon or the Villisca Axe murders. Even my true crime tends to be classic.

As for the sex: I don’t read contemporary romance or straight historical romance (boy meets girl, or oversexed Lord meets virgin parlor maid, boy wants to do girl, and that’s about it. No thanks.) I have nothing against reading passionate sex scenes, but I’m into straight up boy-girl love-sex rather than kink or multiple partner stuff. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Erotica is ok, but again, I’m pretty traditional with mah sexes. Romances I am drawn to have magical or paranormal elements. Not to say that I won’t read beyond the bounds of what I am comfortable with, but the above is a guideline.

Regarding reviews: Having a book blog, I am sure there will be people who will approach me and ask me to read their book. I am not one to willingly refuse or turn away free books, but nor do I want this to become a full time job. I think I’m a pretty honest person, and I don’t want to mislead or take advantage of authors. But just because you give me a book doesn’t mean it will be on this blog. I also hope it goes without saying that I will not be paid for reviews. I will not review a book I don’t like on this blog, and I won’t promise to read your book. I may not have time. If I don’t like it, it won’t be on here. Period. So please don’t think just because you send me a book it is guaranteed a good review here or on Goodreads, or that I will even have time to read it. You may see something on Goodreads go on the DNF shelf… that means I did not finish it. No more need be said. I have given bad reviews on Goodreads, I will continue to do so if I don’t like the book, (especially of self-pubbed stuff that the author didn’t bother to edit. I’ve read some amazing self-pubbed stuff, but the vast majority needs work. Be professional, people.) I won’t be putting up negative reviews on this blog. Mah Blog. Mah rules. Thank you.


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